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09 June 2018

TIL each_with_object

Objective: To count the occurrence of words in a string Bonus: Don't use a temporary variable…

  • Ruby
  • tips
  • TIL

14 July 2017

Accessing ENV variables in an EmberJS template

This week I worked on an issue that required me to use an environment variable instead of hardcoding…

  • Ember
  • javascript
  • config
  • template

28 June 2017

Testing a JavaScript redirect with RSpec

Last week I worked on an issue that required me to build a JavaScript widget as an unstyled route in…

  • Rails
  • rspec
  • javascript
  • Ruby
  • testing
  • redirect

12 September 2016

Exploring pods with Ember v2.8.0

While doing some reading on Ember, I kept coming across the term "pods". It sounded a little alien…

  • Ember
  • pods
  • workflow

09 June 2016

Deploying an Ember 2.5 app to Firebase 3.X

A few weeks ago, after Google I/O, we upgraded our web apps from Firebase 2.X to Firebase 3.X. I…

  • Ember
  • Firebase

21 May 2016

Concat helper in Ember 1.12.0

I'm relatively new to Ember, so I'm still poking around and trying to figure things out, ya know…

  • Ember

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